iMaschine 2

iMaschine 2


  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-11-12
  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 485.09 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 860 Ratings


MAKE MUSIC ANYWHERE Produce tracks on the go with iMASCHINE 2 and share your creations with the world. ///MAKE. ARRANGE. SHARE. MAKE Create a beat on 16 pads with hundreds of professional sounds. Use the Smart Play keyboard to add melodies and basslines that are always in-key. Spice up your track with vocal and field recordings or sample directly from iTunes. Use Apple’s 3D Touch technology to optimize your workflow and get even more creative. ARRANGE The Arranger in iMASCHINE 2 lets you turn your loops and scenes into full tracks with the swipe of a finger. Add parts quickly and easily. Change the color of your pads or groups to see your entire arrangement at a glance – rearranging and editing tracks on-the-go has never been quicker or easier. SHARE Share your creations with the world by uploading them directly to Soundcloud. Or export your projects to the MASCHINE 2 software and continue working on them in the studio with your full MASCHINE hardware setup. ///KEY FEATURES OVERVIEW - Use 16 pads for real-time drum sequencing on your iOS device - Quickly create beats without finger drumming using Step Mode - Use the Arranger to structure your track by adding, moving, and deleting different patterns on the fly - Play always-in-key melodies and basslines by combining Chord, Scale, and Arpeggiator features with the Smart Play keyboard - Use Note Repeat in Keyboard and Drum Pad Modes to create rolls, fills, and fast note attacks with note ranges from 1/4 notes to 1/32 notes - Better organize your sounds using multi-colored pads and groups - Optimize your workflow using Quick Actions with Apple 3D Touch for app and pad shortcuts* - Control the velocity or rate of note repeat depending on how hard you press the screen using 3D Touch* - Capture vocals, field recordings, or any audio from the microphone on your iOS device - Sample directly from your iTunes library - Mix your sounds and choose from professional audio effects - Open your existing iMASCHINE projects effortlessly in iMASCHINE 2 - Start building tracks immediately with the included extended iMASCHINE 2 library, featuring over 300 MB of content: 19 projects, 38 drum kits and over 750 samples - Choose from a huge collection of additional drum kits, projects and instrument sounds from top sound designers and renowned artists with iMASCHINE Expansions – available at the In-App Expansions Store - No matter which iOS device you use, iMASCHINE adapts to your screen size – a compact workflow for iPhone and an optimized iPad workflow for two-handed groove production - Learn how to use the app and discover helpful tricks with the New Features Notification function - Export your mix as an audio file or directly upload it to SoundCloud and share it with the world - Export your project (including samples) to MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO. Projects exported to MASCHINE support multiple Scenes as well as Pad and Group colors. - Universal App. Purchase the app and iMASCHINE Expansions once and use them on all iOS devices registered to that iTunes account *iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only ///SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Reverb is supported by iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, or iPod 6 or newer. ///THE WORLD OF MASCHINE iMASCHINE is based on MASCHINE – the renowned groove production system from Native Instruments, used by professional producers all around the world. MASCHINE is available in three different hardware versions: MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO. All come with the same cutting-edge software including professional sound library, drum synths and melodic synthesizers, and effects. The software also features a cutting-edge sampler, mixer, clip-based arranger, and visual browser.



  • This App is Good But Needs Improvements

    By D*7
    The number one thing needed is cloud support. Actually all of their product would benefit from cloud services that way you would be able to sync all projects cross all your devices and their products instead of needing work arounds when changing devices or want projects for the computer app or vice versa. Also they need to update this for iPad Pro 11” because there are big boards around the app. I don’t think they update this app much because it seems like they aren’t trying to improve the app in general because they know it’s good. But the thing is it could be better with small changes that could drastically change the user experience. If they could fix those complaints this app would be A+ because outside of those complaints it’s really good. It’s a slightly simpler version of desktop version which is a good thing on a mobile device.
  • Amazing!

    By Young Qeyse
    I had been contemplating getting this app for some time because I didn't know how fluid it would be far as making beats on a mobile device but after reading reviews and taking a chance, I was amazed. The interface is smooth and looks great. There's no lag and it quantizes sounds perfectly. You may struggle at first but once you get going. It's hard to stop. What really makes this app great is the ability to export this right into Maschine on your computer and pick up where you left off to do even more. By no means is this app perfect or meant for full production but if you're out and about and got an idea come to mind, look at this as a sketch pad to get those ideas out, transfer them, and go in more once you get home! Also you can get all the expansion packs separately for one price of $9.99. Which is a great deal so you can't beat it!
  • Good....but...Still much to be desired

    By viasangp
    Many see this as just a scratch app...yes it is,but why make us all suffer. What do I mean? As an owner of too many NI tools to mention, this app is just scratching the surface with its current state. I owned version 1 and upgraded to 2 immediately. I've been waiting for portrait mode in order to use the entire screen real estate. I've also been waiting on a proper arrange window.... Like that of the MPC Pro app....what gives? Can we also get more groups and 16 levels? Please? It would really help when bringing it into the $999 piece of gear I already own. I love the MPC App, but guess what? I'm using would be very helpful to have similar features. I'm loving all of the updates, but they seem to come quite slowly.
  • Crashes often... decent when it doesn’t.

    By zeLrsn
    I’m honestly disappointed in and with native instruments. For how many new sound packs and features they release throughout a year I feel like iMaschine 2 should run WAY more smoothly than it does on my 7 plus. I can never rely 100% for the app to even open, often times it’ll show the start screen then just crash. Funny enough, it’ll be there in the background but I can’t open it. I’m often stuck with force closing the app and trying to restart it but that rarely works. I’ve deleted the app several times, losing projects in the process, only to reinstall and nothing works. I’ve been a native instruments user for quite a while, but honestly, I’m over their slow to no response customer service and glitchy app. I haven’t even described how limited the app is, which can be cool for creativity, but c’mon native instruments, this app is begging for an update. 2-stars and I’m being generous.
  • SETLIST For onstage musicians! Reverb!!!Thanks for listening

    By Oilman dry
    Great app. I'm a drummer and I actually use this to loop my click tracks during church service. I can also adjust tempo on the fly of course. The Reverb that was just recently added to the app is great too for dynamics that I can actually use during service in the loop helps create a better worship experience. I'm hoping the developers pickup on this review and also add a SETLIST. I've got so many tracks that i take too much time finding the next track, I actually end up creating a pause in service that's a little too long for what I would like to achieve, and that's smooth and fast transitions. Especially because I'm controlling it and sometimes my other hand still needs to be busy playing. Thanks!!!
  • Best 4-Track BeatMaking App

    By freakwithamachine
    Like many of the best apps out there, the user interface seems simple, but it hides so many Amazing features under the hood. While only allowing 4 tracks and up to 4 patterns per track...there is so much you can do within those parameters. Each pattern can be up to 32 bars and each track in pad form can hold up to 16 sounds. You can even adjust the panning, volume, and tuning of each sound. You can combine the patterns to create an unlimited number of “Scenes” for your masterpiece. There’s no excuse for not creating great music on this App. Native Instruments, please do not abandon this app. Please update it at some point soon, so that it may be usable in upcoming versions of iOS. Thanks!
  • Pretty annoying on iOS 11

    By vegathavillain
    UPDATE FOR IPHONE X YALL HAD ENOUGH TIME. I DIDN'T SPEND OVER 20 DOLLARS ON THIS APP FOR ZERO UPDATES, I UNDERSTAND YALL JUST DROPPED NEW HARDWARE AND ALL THAT BUT LETS GET THIS DONE. Overall, an AMAZING, AMAZING app. Super intuitive and sinple but After having it since launch I still have a few gripes: - still no number sliders so I have to guess and listen to see if a sample is pitched the same or at the same volume. ( cmon bruh) - no way to shut off 3D Touch in app, so if I’m hitting a pad I might accidentally screw up recording because the app thinks I’m trying to use a 3D command. ( common sense function bruh) - on iOS 11 when loading a sample sometimes the slider glitches - still no way to stretch samples (BeatMaker has this and more so it’s definitely possible and there’s ZERO excuse) - no auto chop which on an iPhone app would make things WAY easier than chopping samples then still having to go and manually load each one. ( also something beat maker has) While it’s my go to app and has been since the first one, it’s super limited for no reason. I actually went it and bought a Maschine Mikro because I love this app so much and it’s collecting dust because this is so much easier to use, but you guys shouldn’t limit it like you are, I would rather have these simple functions than a new beat pack every month.
  • Amazing, but very flawed.

    By nick_ewald
    Update: New duplicatable bug - saving a kit on iPad Pro 10.5 erases the entire kit and all samples. Lost hours of work put into projects. I want a refund. This is ridiculous. This is an update to an earlier review I wrote up this year. iMaschine needs some work guys. These are my main complaints: 1. Launch time is FOREVER. Sometimes over 10 seconds. This is the only app on my iPhone that takes this long. The only one on my entire home screen. 2. We need a practical way to edit performances. A 16 step sequencer works great per pad but does not provide what is needed to edit keyboard performances and other goofs made during tracking. 3. Where is the EQ? Seriously. Filters do not do the job. We need a parametric EQ. 4. Better export and import options. Please give us Files app support for importing our own samples to pads. Really tired of the crappy work arounds for this. Things that people need to do like this everyday should be easier. 5. This app needs more consistent updates and a bi-yearly overhaul to meet the demands of mobile producer and musicians. It is an app with many great uses but it is also very lacking in features. For having spent like $50 on this app over the years, I am disappointed. Please step up your game and I will change my review. Thanks.
  • Amazed

    By SwoleJoel011
    Honest this has been my wheels for over two years and I’m never turning back from music for as long as I live. Great app and numerous ways to use so many sounds on kits, or keys. I’ve got to say I’ve lost countless projects due to the fact there is no account system or cloud to save to.. how I reflect that I should’ve sent them out at least somewhere.. but is there absolutely no way getting them back? Are they actually gone? Anyways I will always own this app as long as you guys are available. Mobile studio like this is game changing. Even on my iPhone 5se I surprise people with what this app does. Thanks a lot for this.
  • Good but

    By Chris 364588
    I really like the idea of this application but have only used it to capture real rough ideas. Considering the touch interface on phones and try to get the timing right one of the biggest things that I think would really take this app a lot further would be truly being able to edit the notes or at a bare minimum being able to quantize after recording. Please please add an update that at least gives the ability to quantize after recording. I think this App would be so much more useful with either a real editor or post recording quantization.


  • Crashing non stop

    By drum jihad
    Ive been using the imaschine since the first one came out. Been a huge fan of it since day one. But for the past few months its been closing non stop, and now it wont even open at all. FIX THIS PROBLEM

    By 4483828299292
    I paid for my app and all it did was crash thanks I machine

    By Willa Beez
    i have had imaschine since the beginnings i have purchased all the in app packs and I CANNOT OPEN THE APP FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS. deleting and re downloading doesn’t work either. I AM FED UP NATIVE INSTRUMENTS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS !!!
  • Amazing app, but...

    By TrevBarnes
    It seems NI doesn’t have an interest in continuing with this app. I love using it when it’s not crashing. Please work out these problems and listen to your reviewers. Everyone seems to love this app but you guys haven’t updated anything in 2 years, please help us out!
  • I love this app

    By Qillab
    First off im bias because I use the Maschine groove on my computer. But this is the best beat making app that give you solid user friendly tools, but room for advanced ideas (or for the start of advanced ideas) But where is the support for this app. There are days i lose beats because the app cant open. I have more than enough memory and this is the only app that does it. I have turned off and on my phone to retry. NOTHING. I feel this is very basic bugs that can be fixed. There are new expansion packs to download but cant use em because the app wont open. And if it does. There are missing tracks. This is losing to the garageband and other beat apps. Im disappointed.
  • Best app to own for mobile beat production

    By Perskescious
    And it hasn’t worked for the past year. Just keeps freezing restarting or won’t even let me open the app. I’ve reinstalled multiple times deleted and re-added all purchases and still... nothing. It’s like it’s been abandoned by the developers or something

    By kayybug22
    Everytime I click on the app it force closes!
  • No update yet?

    By GzUpHookie
    I swear it’s been like a year since I’ve been able to successfully use this app without crashing or not even opening at all. Please fix, people spent money on this app supporting your pockets
  • This app does not work anymore

    By angel123252
    Ever since I’ve updated my phone the app does not open anymore. It just shows the loading screen, then it goes to the home screen. I have about 30 beats that I’ve made on this app, and they took me about 2 years to make...please fix this ASAP
  • Well that was $10 down the drain

    By Jayebrave
    It keeps CRASHING. It won’t even open up. This is crap. Ten dollars WASTED.