YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

By Google LLC

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2012-09-11
  • Current Version: 14.06.7
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 236.90 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 5,433,245 Ratings


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  • Accessibility issue

    By TheBlindPianist
    This happened before, but I thought it was fixed. If you use a braille display with VoiceOver, (which onewould if blind), and you try going to the bottom of the screen with the normal command, space with 4-5-6 (as if that’s going to help you), it goes to the next video. It’s frustrating. And when I go to the top of the screen, it doesn’t showthe usual “video player” “colapse video” bits, which you had before, labled perfectly. Now, I haveto tap the colapse video button, but instead of closing it, it wants me to swipe again, which is cumbersome for accessibility. It’s much better to just have it close when you tell it to. I can’t go to the top or bottom of the page, as I stated before, but this is getting ridiculiously annoying. You are part of google, and you want to be accessible...not doing a great job so far. And now, updating. 3days later: I am unable to watch the videos at all, because if I click on one, it keeps jumping back to the one I was previously on. Also, even if I’m not using the Braille display, I still can’t get the videos to stop going to the next one. There is a command with VoiceOver, where pressing on the bottom of the screen goes to the bottom of the screen, which I use to find the comments section, but when I do that command, it jumps to the next video. I’m lowering my rating now. Not impressed Google. At all.
  • Form over function

    By Branthony67
    This app looks great. This app is not very useful at times and has a number of critical functionality issues and bugs that need to be addressed. Two of which affect my experience with the app extremely adversely. When viewing a playlist and scrolling through recommended videos, the scroll function will freeze and force you to either select a certain video and then go back to the video you were on or minimize your current video and then being it back up, to re-enable scrolling. When saving videos to a playlist, outside of another existing playlist, the app will automatically add the video to the last playlist that you added a video to, which includes the “watch later” playlist, and will require users to wait for a delayed prompt to manually reassign the video to a different playlist. The function of manually reassigning videos may occasionally fail to work correctly and require the user to remove the video from its “saved” state and save it again and attempt to reassign the video with the same prompt that had just failed to work. These are two of many glaring functionality issues with the app that users will not encounter when viewing on a normal computer. These obvious glaring issues, among others, could have been addressed long ago and could have been easily avoided with even a small QA team that had been given half competent directions.
  • What’s Going On?

    By khosmere
    I don’t know if my phone hasn’t updated it until now or if this is just now happening but when I click to listen to my music playlist it shows the videos in the order they’re usually in when not on shuffle like it used to. But when I click the shuffle button to start it shows the order that it’s shuffled so that I know what the next song will be. There’s no problem with that but the irritating part is that when I find the song I want to listen to and turn the shuffle off, it doesn’t revert back to playing in order like it used to. It continues to play that song and then play the next song on the shuffle list, not on the next song that would normally play if it wasn’t on shuffle. Now, I don’t mind listening to my music on shuffle, that’s the whole point of shuffle, but I have a rather large playlist for songs and sometimes I’m looking for a specific group of songs that are next to each other in the playlist. Because of my having a large playlist, I used the shuffle feature to find the songs I want and then turn the shuffle off to listen in the normal order rather than scrolling through hundreds of songs to find the right ones. The feature of it reverting back after clicking to turn the shuffle off is helpful when I’m looking for specific songs but it’s hard to do that now that shuffle no longer does that.
  • App is old and clunky

    By Phoenix1887
    Love the concept obviously as a video service, I even pay for premium. But I can’t give five stars to an old clunky app that needs to be redesigned. It shouldn’t take three difficult clicks to change the playback speed. You have to click a tiny menu accessible in the corner of the screen then click an option in a drop-down menu then select another option in a small drop-down menu. It always astounds me how these companies who have been around for longer than the iPhone has existed have these old clunky apps they never redesign and innovate to accommodate for the new technology they develop or that comes out... Play back speed should be adjustable straight from the main screen. You should be able to easily dial in increments from 1/8x up to even. I frequently change playback speed multiple times as I go through a video. Another simple feature it needs is a queue. It’s insane how I’ll be going through a list while watching a video and I can’t even queue videos to play up, only add to a playlist. Excuse me is this the year 2019??? What the hell is wrong with the app design team did they time travel out of this dimension already???? Update your freaking app with basic usability features for heaven’s sake you’ve had more than enough time to do this.
  • Video Preview annoyances

    By Gamer4Ever!!!
    First of all, I do enjoy this app. It is convenient and I use it a lot. The only problem I have with it is what I found out recently. When on the feed page, you can preview a video by hovering over it, which is a good feature, but why does it go to my watch history? If I didn’t click on the video, it shouldn’t be in my history. The other problem just started happening yesterday, where I would “preview” a video by hovering over it, scroll down to another video and tap on it to actually watch it. This activates the audio, but not just for the video I want to watch, but also for the previewed video I hovered over prior to tapping on the one I wanted to watch. So audio for two videos are playing at the same time. It is annoying because I have to exit the video, hover over the one I want to watch so it starts previewing, then click on the video so I don’t have two audios playing simultaneously. Sometimes it tricks me into believing that there is a bug in the video’s audio itself or someone is talking in the background, but that isn’t the case. Please fix this bug.
  • Pretty Fun

    By 12345🤪
    I love going on to the app and having so many videos to choose from. Once I find the right video I click it and it says it’s restricted. I go in my settings and turn restricted mode off. I go back to the video I wanna watch and it’s still restricted. I go in my settings again and it’s turned on again. What that about? I’ve watched so many Youtubers that complain about you guys because you think the videos are bad. There have been youtubers talking about how they have communicated with you and you won’t fix this. Kids channels are being shut down and they are loosing subs. And you have flagged kid videos because they say words like “Fart, barf, feet, etc” those aren’t bad! Also I watched one video where a baby slid down the stairs on his stomach feet first and he wasn’t hurt that’s how he learned to go down the stairs and then you guys think that’s so bad that a baby goes down the stairs the way he wants to? That’s messed up. Anyway please read this and fix these problems because I would like to be able to watch things again without have to go through the whole restricted thing...

    By Haris04
    So when I look at the thumbnail for a video in my home page it automatically starts playing where the thumbnail was with no volume but with captions, and it goes to my history. I can’t even choose if I want it to play or not and I don’t want some of that in my history! And the worst pat is that when I click on a video and drag it down then scroll through my home page, a video starts playing from a thumbnail and the screen of the video that I clicked on is completely black! So then I have to close the video and go to history and watch it from there. Please tell me if I can fix this or turn it off. Also sometimes when I click on a video it buffers at 5 or 6 seconds and it won’t load so I close the video and the app then open it again and it still won’t load after 5 or 6 second!! Then I have to watch another video and come back to the video that won’t load. Then it finally works. (This might just be a problem with my connection/data but I don’t think so because I have a brand new iPhone X and still have the same problem on data)
  • Very good app, just a couple of suggestions

    By elenaCaballero
    I use this app every single day, and it is honestly very good. I would just like to give a couple of suggestions and report a bug. The suggestions are: the ability to like a video from landscape mode, I personally love to add to watch later and then watch all my vids one after the other, but to give a like I have to go to portrait mode, I'd like to have that ease of liking while in landscape. The other suggestion is that I would like to add to watch later directly from my notifications! I hope you take these in consideration. As for the bug, I don't know if it's just my iPhone 6s plus, but sometimes when I'm watching in landscape mode and I tap the screen to show the controls, the app freezes my phone. I can't tap anything, I can't press the home button, instead I have to press the lock button multiple times to lock the phone and then unlock it to be able to fix the issue. Please look into this, it doesn't happen all the time and the app doesn't crash, but it annoys me quite a bit...
  • It’s ok but needs a lot of work!

    By Olivia Winslow
    I love watching family vloggers and even listening to music! But there are some issues I’m running into here’s #1. The videos load ok at times at other times videos will stop and buffer, sometimes sit and buffer for 2 minuets and then continue playing. #2. At times videos keep switching different quality and won’t stay locked on to the default quality setting which is 1080p but it keeps switching between 144p to 360p then back to 1080p. #3 the app crashes and when it occurs it even causes my whole phone to crash and lock up and not do anything so I press the home button 3 times to gain access to my phone again to close the app completely out and restart it but it doesn’t crash every often it happens maybe every 3 or 4 times I open the app to watch the family vloggers! So all in all, all of these things are annoying and if these things can be fixed I would find it to be better then before! Some will say no it’s your internet, I say explain to me why I’m having these issues with the app and internet if my internet speed is 1 gig per minute!
  • Video overlay bugs and awkward UI design. But the app itself is still convenient enough.

    By The Other Whey Protein
    At various points watching a video the overlay will flash, partially blocking my view with the pause/play controls, video progress slider, and various other controls while also dimming the video itself until I either wait for it to leave or tap in an unused space. In terms of user interface, i find it unnecessarily difficult to engage the ‘options’ control (in the bottom right corner of a thumbnail) while browsing. I usually attempt to use this feature when trying to add a video that I’ve not watched to my watch later list. More often than not, however, despite pressing where I need to, I’ll be thrown into the video instead. It’s like trying to click something pixel perfect with your thumb. Thirdly, and this is a personal gripe, but MAYBE not showing me the same advertisement five times in a video would be nice? If I’m gonna be assaulted by them, may as well have variety. Seeing the same ‘Wow, You Can Really Dance’ Tik Tok commercial really wears down my patience, to put it lightly.


  • Problems

    By Alexander Macías
    Much problems with the company and much problems for the youtubers
  • Best of the best

    By Miah v
    YouTube is wonderful l don’t know what I would’ve watched
  • good but okay

    By Tomtonyamy
    everything is fine on the app but for god sake, why can’t we lock our phone and still listen to stuff, youtube is already saving a butt ton of money but not monetizing most channels that should be monetized
  • Help

    By Aiva Mack
    I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes when I click on a video, another video plays over the video I’m watching? It’s been doing this for a while but idk if it’s just I haven’t updated the app yet.
  • Issues with the app

    By C. Beyer
    YouTube is great, nobody really disagrees (except for all the great YouTubers that get demonetized) but the app has been screwing up a lot recently making it almost unusable. When I tap on a video to watch it, half the time it’ll play the video and audio of the video as well as the audio of an add or another video. It might another time show a black screen and no controls (I.e the pause and fast forward button) when you turn the phone sideways and when you turn it back to portrait, the controls are as if it were side ways and you have to minimize the video and go back into it to get it working again. I miss watching my YouTube videos without frustration. Please fix this guys.
  • You tube

    By bendy73737
    First thing I need to say is ther to many click bait videos and FIX the algorithm and ban Logan Paul he is making the world worst plz but the app is ok

    By JJ (-.-)
    So I would like too start of by saying IT SAYS THAT ITS GOING TO UPDATE THE APP AND IT DOESN’T DO IT. But everything else about it is awesome
  • Great app

    By César Javier
  • Great but calm down.

    By Mitchthe bish
    Love YouTube and the creators but you as a platform need to relax on the demonetization. The creators can’t be creative if they have to worry about not making money. If you keep it up you’ll be another app in the past and twitch will take your spot. Let the creators be creators some swear learn to deal with it.
  • Blahhhhhh

    By Jxsawyer009
    Every update comes with more advertisements ....