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  • A Few Annoying Problems...

    I’ve been using this app for years and it has been great. It works well and is a nice quality app. I have a few problems though, and it has to do with the subscription tab. The first problem is that it will often say that someone has posted (showing a little blue dot on their icon) but they haven’t. No big deal, but if I click it to make the blue dot go away, then go back to a different tab (such as the home) it will put the blue dot back. That makes it so there is a red dot on the subscription button which just bothers me. It also usually happens to people with less that 1k subs. The second problem I have is that I don’t get all community posts. I am subscribed to a lot of people, and a good amount of them make posts regularly. Maybe this is supposed to happen, but I don’t get them all, and I would like to. The last problem (which I find more funny) is that when I click all to see everyone I am subscribed to, it shows everyone as normal. But, if I leave the app and come back, or slide up on my phone (to show brightness or flashlight) it will switch around the names so that they do not match the right person. Other than these three problems, the app is amazing.
  • Two Issues with this app

    By JIyanah21
    Hi, so I’m having a two issues with this app so hopefully someone will see this; 1) My playlists are not updating: so I added a few songs to one of my playlist and when I click on the song that I want to play it’s not there even though it said that it was added to my playlist so when I refresh the page hoping that it would work it’s still not there (I.e. I have 222 songs in my playlist but when I click on one song it says I only have 220) I tried to rearrange the songs in the playlist to see if it would show up this time but it doesn’t which leads to the next issue... the refreshing the page issue. 2) When I refresh the page all of my playlist are deleted the only thing that’s on the page is my watch later, history, but when I refresh the page again some of my playlists come back but the rest of them are still missing (and no I didn’t delete them) I refresh the page again and all of them are back but I feel like I shouldn’t have to refresh the page three times in order to get all of my playlists back you know what I mean? I tried deleting the app and reinstalling to see if that would work but it doesn’t and this has been going on for the past couple of days.
  • Im triggered about the comment section

    By my love of life
    I hate the new update for the comments. I hate having to press something just to go trough the comments. I would rather scroll down then tap on the bar thing. I hate when the videos are really big i like it how it used to be. Please change it. Hi again! I have some issues I would like to address! So on the Ipad im begging to have community posts able to be seen. Just make it like the phone but wider. Its stressing me how much I miss stuff because people normally post on the community post option. I have to go on my phone just to see it. Another one is PLEASE update the notification area. It use to be amazing before until you guys changed it. I am not going to lie but you people are ruining your app to the worst. I don’t wanna come off harsh or anything but it is very annoying. I am gonna keep my rating on 4 stars till you guys improve. For now it’s staying on 4. Another issue is the search thing glitch (i think glitch). It would just not let me delete my search or click on it. I have no idea why but i would like to no because its annoying me a lot. I wanna say thank you for your time!
  • They screwed up this update

    By Prof SB
    Totally screwed up this update. Now the top of the UI with the notification bell etc. end up ABOVE the top of the screen. Pulling down as if to refresh makes it visible again, but you can’t tap the bell or anything; it just springs back up when you release 🙄 I also HATE HATE HATE that playing something from a playlist opens up the freaking playlist ON THE VIDEO PAGE, completely obscuring the video interaction buttons like thumbs up/down, comments, etc. My hunch is that they do this to hide whether or not you’ve already watched it to try to trick you into watching it again for the ad views. They love doing this in the main feed, where they’ll usually show you a red bar at the bottom of the thumbnail for videos you’ve already watched before, but not always! Sometimes you’ll tap to check and then see that you’ve already watched it before because you already gave it a thumbs up or down. It’s infuriating that they insist on trying to trick you into rewatching stuff. I NEVER WANT TO REWATCH A VIDEO! Finally, WHY IS THERE NO OPTION TO DISABLE AUTOPLAY ON PLAYLISTS?! If I watch a video from my Watch Later playlist, that does NOT mean I then want to automatically watch every other video on the entire list! STOP IT!
  • Fine, but one detail..

    By Pencilsn
    The app functions about as well as any app does. It’s nothing revolutionary, and I do think it’s gotten better, at least on the iPad version. However, there’s one issue (that really just annoys me more than anything.) On the bottom row, on the corner of the icon that indicates subscriptions, a red dot will appear to (I’m guessing) notify you that there’s a new video from someone you’re subscribed to. But most of the time, the red dot appears even when there’s nothing new. It’ll go away when you click on it and are in the subscription box, stay away when you go to a different page, but randomly appear again shortly after. Typically it’s when you refresh any page, but I’ve seen it reappear out on nowhere for no reason when I’m just browsing. It’s super annoying to think there’s something new when there isn’t. It’s such a tiny problem, but if you think about it, so’s a mosquito. That little subscription alert that shows up for no reason is like getting bit by a mosquito over and over and over again. I’m covered in bites and very aggravated. Thank you.
  • Good app but advertisement overload

    By ScarletSkies4
    I understand the need for advertisements but it’s to the point now that it’s negatively impacting my experience. Now that there’s two, back to back ads in every break it’s irritating how much I have to interact with the app just to finish watching the video. The more I use the app the worse the experience gets. I usually like to use the app while doing other things like cooking or cleaning. I mostly listen and don’t always have my phone in hand. In an 11 minute video with 6 ads, the middle break had a 30 second unskippable ad followed by a 2 minute ad that was skippable. Unless I am physically on my phone to return to the video that would be 2:30 minutes of ads just for 1 of 3 ad breaks in an 11 minute video. It’s overload. I get that using the free version means you gets ads but it’s overshadowing the content. I don’t want to interact this much with something I’m watching. It’s not a game app. Guess I’ll just stick to watching it on the desktop with my ad blocker. Otherwise, yeah YT is ok. They’re just getting into Pandora territory which is disappointing. Didn’t mind the ads until recently.

    By Jo Seph GD
    Since the latest update (which was 2 months ago, uncharacteristic from the normal weekly bugfix updates), I've been running into issues more and more. The two largest issues I've been running into: -Endcards in fullscreen: For some reason, endcards are placed way too far down in fullscreen, making them unreachable or very hard to reach. This is really annoying, but manageable. -Links in the Description: This is the an issue I've run into recently. Essentially, links in the description that lead you to other parts of the app are unclickable, showing you that indeed it knows you are clicking on it, but it fails to link you to the page that you clicked on. These issues could've been solved as soon as they were discovered, but it turns out that Google decided not to update the app for a specific reason: they'd have to give further privacy info, due to a new App Store requirement enforced after the day that the latest updates for all the Google apps came out. (They haven't publicly confirmed this, but it's very likely that this was the case.) So I ask Google: Get your act together, and fix your app!
  • the new update

    By Mahalhaaa
    this new update is absolutely atrocious. i understand having innovation towards wanting more for your viewers but the execution was poor. The comment section is where I could be able to talk and relate to the interest of video and as i scrolled down i could potentially see the other videos that i wanted to watch. Moving the comments under the description is problematic because 1. it’s easily missable 2. it made going/making a comment more difficult 3. the fluidity of scrolling for other videos and going to the comments made sense 4. having the back button on the left side (in addition to muscle memory of clicking on the newly “escape” right side) makes it plain tedious. the thumbnails are also an issue because they are too large. one video thumbnail alone takes up almost half the screen and with two of them it takes up the whole screen. less is more, and bigger doesn’t always mean better. please consider reinventing the layout because it’s problematic having people used to one idea and completely changing it.
  • Alright, but flawed in fundamental ways

    By Sevallis
    The iOS app constantly forgets the actively playing background video when I lock the screen, and even if it appears on the lock screen to pause/play, trying to start and stop it via Bluetooth headphone burins also constantly fails and instead starts playback of something random from my Music app. This apparently will never be fixed? Not being able to listen to video from my locked phone without paying a bunch of money monthly is rubbish and just eats up battery life. Also, when I swipe a video down and then go to close it, get rid of that stupid bounce animation that moves it if I had just liked a video. That animation makes me miss the X close button due to it moving around and getting bumped by other notifications. Make the other notifications come up above the video at the bottom and not move the playing video minimized strip, and make it instantly move to the bottom predictably so I don’t miss the close button and re-maximize it.
  • The End

    By soothsayer 🎱
    What has happened to YT is tragic. I have been a fan and member since the second year it came out, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve been on so long that I originally signed up with AOL bc that was the only thing available at the time. That’s how long I have been on YT. So I am a loooong time member and fan. It used to be one of the best things that has ever happened to the internet. It was fun, exciting, mysterious, educational and groundbreaking. NOT ANYMORE. It is now a shell of its former self. It is now like everything else. Created only to make money. Ad after ad after ad. It’s an invasion. I am interested in what people have to say or what they made or did. Now it’s, insurance ads, political ads, censorship and control. It’s worse than “reality shows” and reality shows are by far the absolute worse thing ever. I used to spend countless hours on it, now I spend less than an hour per week...if that. Horrible. I’m just like everyone else...I’m moving on. The sad thing is that YT doesn’t give a blip about what I think or what any of us think. This has been proven by its continued status of nonsense and greed. Every update is NOT to fix a glitch it’s to place a fresh batch of ads! No thanks. I’m out!


  • Advertising machine

    By Krajisnik86
    I rarely use this useless application because there are more ads than content basically but I just want to say that on those rare occasions I do use it I will ALWAYS hit skip and I will NEVER buy any of the stuff you’re advertising.
  • Ads are a problem

    By gakdbavd
    I’ve been using the app for as long as I can remember. My only problem is that whenever I’m playing music on YouTube to help me sleep an ad pops up which I have no problem with but when I skip it the next song plays as usual. However whenever I don’t skip or when I’m almost falling asleep YouTube plays an ad then another ad and a ad following, until I wake up and skip it my self.
  • YouTube is great

    By oriyoshi
    It’s a video enclyopedia of almost anything of interest!!
  • Nice but

    By 291243202440
    How do you watch videos on your phone? I have loading problems frequently
  • Bad for kids

    By concerned parent #19273)3)26
    Need better ways to filter kids especially with the ads
  • Balls itch

    By mama luigi12345678
    Balls itch
  • Commercials

    By thur777
    Good content but holy crap the commercials kill me wish they had about 25 percent less adds I know you have make money but come on and how about promoting some more gun channels and audit channels
  • Good Creators, but So Much Bad

    By I use my phone like a human
    I realize YouTube can’t remove ALL the bad things from their website, but I draw the line at not being able to report user. There are creators that are creepy with children or a danger to children that are still on the platform. I KNOW YouTube kids exists, but that’s not an excuse to house pedos, racist and supremacy. I recently saw a video about a guy who found a rabbit hole full of a dudes who licks drunk/drugged girls eyes! All that doesn’t even begin to explain my problems with the apps performance issues... I have YouTube Red, which I actually like, but the download system freezes sometimes or my downloads don’t have thumbnails or I download a single video, then that same one but it’s in a playlist and when it’s deleted the video doesn’t leave my download or the fact that it doesn’t show your total number of channels you’re subscribed to anymore, or the fact that when I search things I get results COMPLETELY different from what I searched for etc. These are just a few of my many annoyances with the app. Having said that though, I know a lot of great creators on this platform who use it well and improve the lives of many. I grew up watching YouTube and it got me through some tough times as a teenager. The great and normal people who don’t abuse the platform are the only reason I give it 2 stars. Please make improvements...
  • Camera Setting

    By Thomas Wiggin A.
    When I upload a video on my channel my camera is upside down, it’s frustrating and I’ve been make YouTube videos since 2019. I like for that to be fixed for the next update.
  • Features?

    By aaronljc255
    They’ve changed stuff from time to time. Even though no one wanted it. We still have to deal with it. My new issue is that the like button will be clicked, the message for liked videos has been added shows up, but the thumbs up is not highlighted. I gotta hit it twice more to remove then add it back and it high lights, and even then it sometimes won’t stay lite.