YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

By Google LLC

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2012-09-11
  • Current Version: 14.25
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 254.04 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 7,932,755 Ratings


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  • It’s ok but needs a lot of work!

    By Olivia Winslow
    I love watching family vloggers and even listening to music! But there are some issues I’m running into here’s #1. The videos load ok at times at other times videos will stop and buffer, sometimes sit and buffer for 2 minuets and then continue playing. #2. At times videos keep switching different quality and won’t stay locked on to the default quality setting which is 1080p but it keeps switching between 144p to 360p then back to 1080p. #3 the app crashes and when it occurs it even causes my whole phone to crash and lock up and not do anything so I press the home button 3 times to gain access to my phone again to close the app completely out and restart it but it doesn’t crash every often it happens maybe every 3 or 4 times I open the app to watch the family vloggers! So all in all, all of these things are annoying and if these things can be fixed I would find it to be better then before! Some will say no it’s your internet, I say explain to me why I’m having these issues with the app and internet if my internet speed is 1 gig per minute!
  • Over a decade of never getting it right.

    By 76514567890
    Every time there is a new update, I start getting these little errors that pop up as my videos crash that say “experiencing difficulties?”. The answer, besides the everyday usual incompetence of this app, is no. It happens the same way, with the same choppy cut sequence every time. Seems deliberate. Videos you click on don’t display in watch history until after the ad has finished. So if the app has a problem like it usually will, or you have to walk away from your device, you can’t find the video again. Can’t right a comment and rotate the screen without it freaking out and having the word box disappear or freezing while the keyboard changes color to a dark gray. Thought a white play button was a stupid idea? Well here, let me dim the background so you can’t see what’s going on! To top it all off, half the time when the screen is rotated and the switched back, it shrinks to 1/4th full screen and requires a restart. These are problems on all of mine and my friends devices. We’ve a game of see what will break next. At least there incompetence is good for something. Most of the time I can use a simple trick to completely skip all ads..
  • Dont ruin something that’s already broken

    By MichelleeRuiz
    Update: it continues to do what ive mentioned previously and now it sometimes wont even connect to my chrome cast. So, this app had already not worked well for me when it came to staying connected to the chromecast but at least before if it would stop working (i.e. when I turn my phone screen off & go back to the app & try to play/pause it wouldnt work) but at least I could still skip through my videos on my queue & it wouldnt completely disconnect which is what happens now. It doesnt even take me turning my screen off, I could just be scrolling down my subscriptions or a playlist or even just scrolling through what I just searched & it will completely disconnect from my chromecast but will still be playing on my TV. I have to close down the whole app & then try again. If I try to just connect it back to the chromecast without closing the app entirely, it will just say it’s connecting to my cast but my queue will be empty & it doesnt show what I am watching because it is still casting the video I was watching. It was better before & even then it wasnt great. Fix it please!!
  • Video overlay bugs and awkward UI design. But the app itself is still convenient enough.

    By The Other Whey Protein
    At various points watching a video the overlay will flash, partially blocking my view with the pause/play controls, video progress slider, and various other controls while also dimming the video itself until I either wait for it to leave or tap in an unused space. In terms of user interface, i find it unnecessarily difficult to engage the ‘options’ control (in the bottom right corner of a thumbnail) while browsing. I usually attempt to use this feature when trying to add a video that I’ve not watched to my watch later list. More often than not, however, despite pressing where I need to, I’ll be thrown into the video instead. It’s like trying to click something pixel perfect with your thumb. Thirdly, and this is a personal gripe, but MAYBE not showing me the same advertisement five times in a video would be nice? If I’m gonna be assaulted by them, may as well have variety. Seeing the same ‘Wow, You Can Really Dance’ Tik Tok commercial really wears down my patience, to put it lightly.
  • How to get 5 star reviews

    By LA in Philly
    Gave a low score this time due to a couple of reasons. The app is giving me problems this evening. I can’t switch my account because each time I try the app just shuts down. I’ll give a better review after I can watch a full video on each of my accounts. Additionally, I think you need to give one of your top content creators a medical leave of absence. It would be a very nice gesture if you paid for her health insurance &/or other medical expenses as well so she can get help at a top eating disorder treatment center ASAP. She’s a young sweet lady and she deserves help. I think a lot of people would really respect the humanitarian side of the company if you did something like that. Her videos are disturbing, dangerous and they’re upsetting an abounding number of people, many of who are young impressionable children. I don’t need to say her name; that’s how bad this situation has become. Please do the right thing; if not for her, then for all the others getting influenced negatively without even realizing. I seriously do not want to believe our society has become so lowbrow and uncultivated that we would accept a young girl slowly committing suicide in front of an enormous audience all over the internet.
  • A Small Detail That’s Driving Me Crazy.

    Will still rate it 5 Stars because this is definitely one of my most used apps, and I’m sure plenty of other people can say the same. Despite how great YT is, there’s this one “lag” (I don’t quite know what to call it). Half the time I go to the comments and want to look at the replies under a certain comment, it won’t let me view them. I’ll press the “view replies” button a large number of times but quite literally nothing happens. Only way I myself can fix it, is to refresh the tab. Then when that happens sometimes I can’t even find the comment again. Even in general that is just an irritating thing to deal with. However, this could just be a problem with my phone. I’m not smart enough to tell the difference haha. If you have managed to stumble upon this review, just wanted to say thanks for the hard work, but also please acknowledge my frustration lol. -Syd
  • i love it! one annoying problem...

    By Web259
    i love this app, i use it almost every day. the one issue i have is that (it didn’t used to be this way, but it’s been doing it and won’t go away) when i have a video and want to make it full screen, it doesn’t matter if i click the full screen button or tilt my phone, it glitches and only shows me a corner of the video. it cuts the screen into fourths basically and the top left one is the bottom of the video and the other pieces are just gray or something. it’s SUPER frustrating and won’t go away. a few months ago i didn’t have this problem. then a while back i had a similar issue coming out of full screen. it would cut off half of my screen when i minimized the video by tilting my phone upwards and i would have to either close out of the app, or swipe down from my video to fix it. i love the content, accessibility, recommended, etc. but these two things affect like everything i watch. it may just be me but it’s been so annoying!
  • It’s great and extremely entertaining

    By Hello ___
    If your looking on a app to keep you entertained for hours and hours, I suggest you get this app. And if you want to be a youtuber, it’s very easy to upload videos. Also if you have about 10,000 subscribers you can interact with your fans by posting a message on a community tab. Though, if your under the age of 13, or your child is under the age of 13, Do not get this app! They’re many people who create very inappropriate videos or make sex jokes, There is some porn on it and very bloody pictures. Be careful on here. They’re is a lot of rude people on this app. Though if your child is over the age, it’s fine, the app is very entertaining and I promise you they won’t get bored. -Suggestion for this app- On the Community app, you can comment, and obviously the creator can like or reply to that comment. But, they can’t reply back to the creator. Can you please make it so we can reply back to the creator? And that other people can reply on their comments?
  • Only gets two star because of the content creators.

    By Gert2341
    The two stars is for my favorite content creators who the Susan whatever deems bad and will don’t deserve money. One reason she got that job is probably just because she was a women. I bet she did many other things but being a women helps. The promote leftist views by putting left wing videos on the home page and on trending such as Jimmy Kimmel. Apparently every video that get 200,000 views in two days is trending. Every time someone such as Bill Wurtz posts it is trending because people like him and he doesn’t post very often. They also censor right-wing views by removing the videos demonetizing them and not putting their videos in people’s sub boxes. Also they change things that content creators don’t want changed and makes it harder for fans to find videos. So overall I give it a two star just because of the content on the site.
  • Incredible Resource for Knowledge and Entertainment

    By 🤔😉🤗
    I love to read about traditional and Non Traditional subjects sparked by my Upbringing and influences. In reading I don’t have time to read subjects varied from my likes dislikes and opinions, However, on You tube I can also find things that are not necessarily my opinion and either learn or retreat from said information quickly as I browse through numerous subjects that may have been a college elective or an older sibling or parent turning me on to sci fi or other varied and adventurous subjects or my passion for History and Various Forms Of Music That I experienced and reminds me of times or passions I share with friends and acquaintances that may have had similar or different experiences. I also like the fact that I can benefit from friends acquaintances experiences and knowledge that I can grow from or Not. It’s a brilliant tool and I am happy to live in the communication age as a marketeer and Entrepreneur, who can see inside and outside the box, without Judgement.


  • incorrect videos

    By big dixk ven
    i put one star because months prior i was able to watch certain videos. i like watching scary videos but whenever i look up”watch this before it gets deleted”, it seems that only the top viewed channels are shown. the videos that were there before are no longer there and i would love to enjoy them. my search does not fit the video i am trying to watch. i’ll look up that search and it’ll just come up with dr phil, chills, pewdiepie, etc.. please fix. i miss being able to kick back with my friends and not be able to watch the content that i had searched. please fix, will put 5 starts if it is. if there was a 6th or 7th star i would put it if u fixed. please and thank you!
  • I don’t know

    By NotTryingToBeMean
    The app itself for me is fine but most of the time when I get off of YouTube and go on a another app then comeback to YouTube over half of the screen is cut off I can’t read titles of videos since they’re cut off by a black screen I don’t know if this is because of my phone or because of the app
  • Hope I work there one day

    By good app ]*
    Really nice and can I work there one day thx hope this gets sent threw
  • YouTube red no longer active but I’m still charged

    By Yan Krivocheia
    I’m charged for YouTube red through iTunes but as of today it’s showing me commercials and forced me to subscribe to YouTube premium. I have a screen shot to prove that I paid and it’s active
  • Overall good

    By ThatGamerGirl6
    Youtube is a great app, but recently the comment section was moved to the top icon bar directly underneath the video and I don’t know why YouTube changed it. There were no problems with the old comment sections and changing it was unnecessary.
  • My opinion

    By Vincent the chin
    I strongly oppose censorship on either side except of course if you are threatening somebody it’s obvious what should and shouldn’t be put up on YouTube I think you will ruin the channel when you start cherry picking what you want up there and what you don’t one up there you’ll know what should be up there and what shouldn’t be out there and what should not buy the number of views it gets
  • ads

    By yaboishawng123
    way too many ads
  • Why YouTube is amazing

    By doodlebobjoe
    This app is so great you are able to watch anything you want gaming music cooking and more and you can also post your own videos I recommend YouTube for everyone
  • This is about I being a YouTuber

    By rosio c
    I want to be a YouTuber i looks fun and easy but it isn’t i .dont care if it hard all i want to be is a YouTuber and byetheway how doas it feel to be a YouTuber???.

    By DATBOIIII72738382
    It gets worse every month. Ads now take up the whole screen and u have to X out of it and wait 5-40+ seconds PER VIDEO!!! now there’s TWO ads!! Cease this!!