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  • Release Date: 2011-05-26
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you play, create, and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of players and experience a diverse collection of games created by a global community! Already have an account? Log in with your existing Roblox account and play now! MILLIONS OF GAMES What are you in the mood to play? An epic role-playing adventure? A competitive action game? Or do you just want to kick it with your friends online? A growing library of games created by the community means there’s always something new and exciting for you to play every day. PLAY TOGETHER ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Take the fun on the go. Play with millions of other people on their computers, smartphones, tablets, Xbox One consoles, or VR headsets. BE ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE Be creative and show off your unique style! Customize your avatar with tons of hats, shirts, faces, gear, and more. With an ever-expanding catalog of items, there’s no limit to the looks you can create. CHAT WITH FRIENDS Hang out with friends around the world using in-game chat features, private messages, and groups! CREATE YOUR OWN GAMES: SUPPORT: CONTACT: PRIVACY POLICY: PARENT’S GUIDE: PLEASE NOTE: A network connection is required to play. Roblox games work best over Wi-Fi.



  • Good game but bad stuff can happen

    By lilly silly tje fun silly girl
    Roblox is a great game in all but there are a lot of bad things to I think I will start with the good thing I have been playing Roblox for a long time and it is amazing there are a lot of horror games and friendly games for witch ever one you are into and there are a lot of categories and you can report people for being bad and you can no say bad words like stupid or dumb they will turn into hashtags but with people friending you you should have an adult to see if it is bad people or people you know also there is some many games in one you can make your character look cool and set you avatar but the bad things about Roblox is that there is bad games and not good one of them gave me nightmares for a month and people cannot always be stopped when they bully also you can’t say one or two or three or any number but if you are saying two you can you to ok back to the bad things about Roblox some game have not so good songs that your parents might not want you hearing also there is a lot you can do with a computer cause apparently people that make games in Roblox think everyone that plays has a computer and I do but it is hard to play roblox and I am not aloud to use it a lot cause it is my mommy’s school computer so ya thank you for reading this text I will do another one the next time Roblox wants me to rate it Bye!😀😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
  • I love roblox

    By heyitsanonymous628
    I have been playing roblox now for about 4 years and it’s been such a journey discovering new games and hanging out with friends! Roblox is developing better things everyday and I’m very excited to see what come next. But there has also been things I would recommend for the creators of this amazing games! For one it is kinda weird that when u use numbers it uses tags but I understand that you can cuss which is ok but still for the numbers?🤔 I do not why but I also have another thing I would recommend I really think there should be a choice where you could make your account private there has 50+ people on game like roblox and that’s very scary for kids, tweens, and teenagers! Especially for girls there has been things on the new that men that are over 40 years old stalking girls under 20 years of age. I really think ROBLOX should actually help that overall I really do love this game.... but there is other things I would like to say possibly other people have said this to but I think it would be very cool to have players that just started roblox get at least 100 roblox just to start with people are getting judged by just how look on a animated game! I do not think that is right....this is the end of my review but I really Do 💜 this game SOOOOOO much I play it on my Xbox everyday almost it’s just So much fun to play LOVE YOU ROBLOX CREATORS YOUR GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, anonymous 😘😘
  • AMAZING GAME but huge problems

    By Wolfingamer
    I love this game and it’s fun to play but there is a major problem and I’m not the only person that faces it but mobile is hit most by it, The chat box is HUGE!!! So it covers I say 1/4 to 1/2 of the screen which means I have to chat then close the chat box the. Walk then open the chat box and chat then do it over and over and it’s annoying. Second is the censor on your chat so I noticed that is censored every thing I said like the other day I said this quote on quote “Meet you in westover” and this is what it said after I sent it “#### ### in ########” and it’s really easy to by pass all you have to do is get rid a letter and it sends but you get the point it’s annoying, Another thing is well I know it’s had to control this but there is a lot of hackers and exploiters in servers and I have tried to help but none of them have gotten banned and I notice that the community is starting to die with all of this happening and making it hard to promote the game, I really love this and thing Roblox is not one but the best game out there but so much is happening that is running Roblox and losing players and bans that have no reason and censors and exploiters and the annoying chat and I can go on and on so please try to do something about these which I know it can be hard to fully fix it but can you at least make it better but thank you for reading the review
  • Amazing game especially royal high 🤗 make sure to read this

    By ima fan of inquitermaster
    to be honest, I love it, especially royal high, if you get ROBLOX and your a girl or a boy it might be perfect for you .and ROBLOX can have some glitches or so but I think you should get it but.... try to avoid online daters and parents make sure your kid does not online date , if your kid does I would highly recommend tinder cuz it’s a friend and dating thing , but... I will warn you ,if you online date you might , get caught and, it’s against the rules. btw ( by the way) if you find anyone online dating and make sure you know there dating or cheating and there in a relationship with other people other than the main girl 👧 or boy 👦, an no BULLYING well cyber bullying but still and yes there is private chat which is kinda messed up because bully’s use that . if your a YouTuber or a famous one make sure you have another account so no one knows that your a you tuber , and random fans will come up to you and maybe mess up you vid .....and yes can’t forget about robux and if you ever played fortnite there kinda like v bucks and you kinda use them for the same thing but just no battle pass Or seasons like there is in fortnite an well many other rules but don’t be the bad guy. there’s a bunch of games you can play sorry I made it to long I’m just trying to let you know what you / your child is going to be doing have a nice day! 😄
  • Roblox is very unique!

    By Coven Of Crows
    I have not seen a game quite like Roblox anywhere else. It has so many fun games and a great community! But there are some downs such as scammers which could be a large danger to younger players who don’t know any better. But to be honest scammers aren’t such a threat as long as you can identify what’s a scam and what’s not a scam. Overall my rating for Roblox is still a 5 even including the down sides because it is so unique! Unlike other games it does not get boring easily because creators are constantly making games to play so there is a wide variety to play. And I didn’t even mention the community! Roblox has so many groups you can join to interact with people! One of which is the Myth hunting community where players uncover the secrets of more spooky type games and players. It’s super of if your into that sort of thing and I have never seen a community do this type of thing in a game before! Roblox is truly a great game! I do have a side note though! Roblox replaces bad words and numbers with hashtags to protect younger players from saying their age or phone numbers and I get that! But... it’s gotten way out of hand. I’ll try to say a simple phrase like “1 more” and it will come out as “# more” and it just gets very annoying when your just trying to have a conversation or something and it will hashtag every I say just because I spelled something wrong!
  • Roblox problems

    By Kar Kar plays
    So roblox is a great game, don’t get me wrong but it just has a few problems to fix. So starting off with bloxburgh, whoever created it could you pls give us back all our money when we sell stuff, not just half. I accidentally deleted my car but I can’t get it back cause I didn’t have enough money because it didn’t give me back all my money. Pls fix that! Also I didn’t even know how to play when I first got it! There should at least be a tutorial video or directions to tell you how to play. It took me forever just how to find out to change my avatar! Pls fix that too! Also when I finally found out how to play, I wanted to see what bloxburgh was, but it was robux, so I checked how much I had and it said 0! So if we could at least start with 80 or 100 robux I don’t see why that would be a problem. Because 80 robux is not that much it’s on $ 0.99. Last but not least you should be allowed to say numbers on some games because my friend and I were on a game together and her nickname is number one friend because they won’t let me say her real name. So I said I number 1 friend but 1 showed up as this, # so she didn’t know it was me. So pls fix that too! I think roblox will get a better review if you fix these mistakes.( not that you don’t have a good review) but I just think roblox will get a higher review if you fix these! Thank you for your time. I will write another review when these fix!😁
  • Lovin’ it a lil less

    By Flashgirl16
    Okay okay, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love roblox, favorite game by far. But I have to say I’m getting to where I don’t play it as much. First year playing, love it a ton! Second year, still love it a lot. But I’m a little over the second year now, and let me say tags have gotten worse. And I mean WAY worse. Sometimes if you type “well” it’ll be tags. And why bother with numbers? I mean obviously because phone numbers but if it is a series of numbers just tag that! Like if I want to type a one digit number. No problem, correct? Aside from tags the games are getting old. I want something new and fresh! Royale high is my favorite it’s what I usually play but I’ve gotten to where I’m happy now so I don’t play it as much. Bloxburg used to be what I played 24/7 but now I rarely play it. If you are a kid I totally recommend getting this game! It’s awesome and takes up the free time you have. Parents this game is not as addicting as fortnite so don’t worry about that, fortnite is idiotic and this is actually a good and fun game, one of my other favorites is super hero life II. You can make any character you want, and there are many other creative and fun games to play! So roblox is a 5 star for now and it will be for a while. I feel like fixing tags will make things a little better but I still love the game a ton! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • ROBLOX is amazing, but.....

    I play roblox almost every day after school, after homework. I’ve been playing it for three years now and I’ve noticed some glitches. I play it on an old iPad, so some glitches might be from the device itself, but here’s two glitches/lags that really bother me. My favorite game is dragons life (Shout Out To The Creators!) sometimes when I play it, the game lags so bad it kicks me out of roblox. I’ve been bothered by this several times now. The second lag is when I join, everyone is frozen, except me. One of my glitches is if I’ve talked enough, the game will make me have private chat with a random player. I hate this because I have to rejoin the server. My second glitch is when I use one of an animation, if I’m ‘lucky’ I will be stuck in the animation until I reset or even rejoin the server! I hope no other players are having these problems. Other than all those things I said, I think roblox is an amazing game. Another thing probably EVERYONE is annoyed about is Tags. Tags block words when they game thinks that word is either a number or bad. I’m pretty annoyed by Cyber Bullying when some kid has no Robux. And yes, I’m a kid with no robux. But who cares? I’ve never gotten bullied in roblox before! Here’s some advice if you are facing Cyber Bullying, walk away from the bully, if they follow you, tell the game one reason why you should ban that player. Thank you for reading my LONG message. Buh-Bye!
  • The bad side of ROBLOX

    By dareal PROgamer
    ROBLOX is a GOOD game all thought you can do BAD things in it for example online dating it’s just wrong you don’t even know the person and that could put you in big danger people are out there saying I will pay you 2,000 robux if you date me. Kids might not understand and do it. Also scamming if someone says I will give you a car if you say your password or say that they will give you something and don’t. Also it could really effect you or your family’s lives by giving passwords, addresses, accounts, and more. Next, hacking that is very bad did you know when you are hacking in a game or whatever you aren’t just getting things that regular players get but your also getting a one way ticket to jail hacking is getting into people’s personal accounts or getting cool stuff that a basic player can’t get but still whatever your doing it’s bad. Lastly, swearing when you swear it could be really bad just thinking you are doing something funny it could be hurting other people feelings by insulting there race or just making them feel uncomfortable. Just saying not to expose ROBLOX but the report button does not work so ROBLOX if you can plz check the reports if you can I bet you have a lot of them. Overall I think ROBLOX is a good game but some things need to be fixed but still don’t make this stop you from playing ROBLOX just watch out for the things that I have mentioned.
  • Tablet and robux issues

    By Pikachucoolk1
    I have been playing ROBLOX for a long time now and I have played on many devices. I've playe on computers, tablets, phones, even XBOX! But what I notice is that on tablets the ROBLOX is pretty glitchy. Like my friend plays on a tablet and whenever she joins me she keeps loosing connection over and over again. And when I am in the middle of the game ROBLOX just like shuts down! Not to mention on some tablets I can barley play any games! On the bottom of the play button it'll say "this game may poorly function on your device" or something like that. It can get pretty frustrating so please fix it!! Also, robux. I get that's kinda how you earn most of your money from robux but it would be really nice if when you first join ROBLOX you have at least 80 robux. That's just a dollar robux so I don't see a problem. And also when you first join for a better tutorial lesson. It took forever for me to learn that you can customize your character and get robux and builders club. And I'm still learning obvious new things I should have known right from the start! Please fix these things I know ROBLOX could get much better rating if this is fixed (not that you don't have a good rating) I just think ROBLOX would be a bit more fun if you don't keep glitching and loosing connection, know how to play, and if we all had a little robux cause when I didn't have robux sometimes I would get teased. Thanks for time!! 😁


  • I Play This Everyday! 🙏🏻❤️❤️

    By hannah jelly fan
    I love this game! I'm so addicted I join 3 years ago!! I love the new clothing in the app and tones of more! It's so great and I would love to support you guys because it's the best app ever! I hope it will stay there forever and never shut down! If it dose I will be sad and miss my dear account 😥 but i just wanna say you should add editing games in roblox or an other app for that! Everyone that have mobile devices can make a game too! Just to let u know my user is colovrs with an i so follow me if u want!!! <3 love Hannah!💞😋 i have been here for 2 years now!!!!!
  • Amazing but could be better

    By Ro fan Tommy
    Hi it’s ROBLOXs biggest fan! But one thing I wish you could start with 1000 robux because then you can buy anything. Welp from your biggest fan Tommy p.s can I get my robux now
  • AWSOME APP! But one problem

    By poop butt fart
    How do you make a game and get Robox
  • Need a change

    By gamingethan0504
    I like this game it's just I want roblox studio on iOS and android because I am a developer and I can't do it often thx😃😃
  • Roblox is awesome

    By jiselleguerra
    Roblox is always available for is also very kid friendly.i recommend roblox go u and ur family.
  • Awesome

    By Mia6363765
    You guys have so many good games but the I really what to know how to make a roblox character and my own game
  • Roblox

    By hayzopotato
    Roblox is such a good game people should play it you can do so much things change your avatar play games type roblox it is a really good game my favorite game is RBG world😎😎
  • Best game ever

    By masksiisisisisisisjsjsjsjs
    Ist the Best game ever

    By Nikki_doglover
    This game is awesome. Lots of games for different people. Like if you like fashion the there’s fashion games. Or if you like animal there’s animal games. All kinds of games. It’s super cool and I enjoy playing it.
  • Amazing

    By Pholpari
    This is a great app there are many games and my kids are always distracted so they won’t disturb me when I need to get something done