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  • Read this Netflix

    By Very extremely frustrated
    I love Netflix BUT they stop one of my shows and it was a cliffhanger and it was mad in 2015 you think by now you you would put on the 3 season but no come on I Watch it over and over hoping you would put it on Netflix please Netflix i love the show please bring it back I watch it every day till it stopped I hope this will make you bring the 3 season if you don’t well I probably will not go on Netflix because it is a wast of my time and what would I do sit on Netflix not satisfied wow Netflix that is low even for you so please please read this if you do thank you so much I will tell you the name of the show do you want to make me happy and i will leave a bad review so please please please I am begging you to it will make me happy I put 5 ⭐️ so Netflix please please put the 3 season of some assembly required I love that show I am making this so long for you you please I will write reviews that are really good if you put it on there I am a little girl and I love this show and it makes me laugh it mite not be so popular but please you care don’t you once again it is called ⭐️ some assembly required ⭐️ please it is hard to explain but I love that show and I was really sad when it stopped if I were you I would make the little girl happy ps me
  • THE GOAT of entertainment!!!!

    By King Cantu
    I’m a huge entertainment buff whether it be games or movies. It’s just how I pass my free time when I’m not working. Netflix provides a endless amount movie I wouldn’t usually find on other other apps but if that was all it would be maybe ⭐️⭐️⭐️ to me because that’s nothing special. What makes Netflix a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ you ask? Why is Netflix The Goat? To put it simply they never stop trying to entertain you, raising the bar through originals that other platforms would only wish to be tall enough to reach. Just going to give you one of many creative concepts Netflix has recently added that inspired me to write this. It’s Called “Black Mirror- Bandersnatch”. A movie based of their “original” hit series. This movie is a psychological thriller that on its own would be another hit putting another notch on the already crowded belt of this Powerhouse. This is the kicker though, you interact with this movie. Thats right, combining the movie experience with a video gaming feel! Oh and the movie has a gamer theme to it adding to the anxiety and pressure to make the right choices. I’m not going to ruin this for you but I really hope you experience this where you don’t just press play you’re playing. Netflix, shaking the pillars. BRAVO 👏
  • Awesome!

    By Lily Roughton
    I watch Netflix on most every single day. I love the variety of movies and TV shows that there are. I love how it shows you if the movie or TV show is a match for you. I love that you can add things to your list if you can come back and watch it another day. Overall I think Netflix is an amazing app and place to watch movies and TV shows!! I absolutely love al I love how it shows you if the movie or TV show is a match for you. I love that you can add things to your list if you can come back and watch it another day. Overall I think Netflix is an amazing app and place to watch movies and TV shows!! I absolutely love most of the Netflix original movies and TV shows like stranger things, a series of unfortunate events and tons of other amazing TV shows and movies that Netflix Themselves make!!!! AnyWho I think Netflix is amazing and I just wanted to write this review to say how amazing I really think Netflix is an especially when I come home from school it’s really fun to watch because a lot of people can agree with me on this school is very stressful and when you want to get home or you want to do is relax and that’s a great way to do it watch Netflix so yeah I hope you all have a Great day whoever is reading this so bye-bye. - :)
  • I beg of you to add this back PLLZZ

    By Ash65north
    okay okay. The only reason I’m making a request here is because I feel like it’ll get seen more. And another reason is that I have made two requests in they past and they were answered which I’m grateful for and hoping this will get back to. When I was younger and we recently got Netflix the show Avatar: The Last Airbender was on here. And I know some people are gonna be like “why do you want a kids show on here” well if you happen to watch it on Nickelodeon or came across is on Netflix and loved then you will know the nostalgia of memories and wanting it back. I don’t usually want to rewatch kids shows since I’m 15 now but this show was one of favorite childhood memories. If you guys could be bring it back even if it’s just for a little while. I’d love to rewatch it. I know I prolly sound stupid but honestly I know there are people that want to rewatch things that they watched when they were younger! So if you know what I’m talking about spread the word I really want to rewatch! Also great app I’ve been watching Netflix a long time. Have a lot of shows and movies I love and just everything about Netflix takes away from my problems I don’t wanna deal with! Thx guys ♥️
  • I like it but add “Bad Girls Club” please!

    By A83677
    I love Netflix, my favorite show is “The Fosters” and my favorite movie is “Bird Box”. I do love that I have many choices between movies and Tv shows to pick through. Their are lots of different types of movies, it’s all well organized and I love that I can put some shows/movies in my list to watch later or something. I also like that Netflix gives everyone a choice to set it up for kids, so they can’t accidentally click on something scary. I am disappointed though because when you guys had a deal that if I made an account I could get a month for free and cancel anytime. So I tried it out, and you guys charged me for that month, so I wasn’t happy about that. I also would like to say when I called customer service..the person I was talking to was very nice and helped me with all of my questions so that’s a plus. One request, can Netflix add “Bad Girls Club” please. I have searched and searched for this show and there was one website I found it on but I would have to pay $3.99 for each episode and their are several seasons. Not worth it. So please add “Bad Girls Club”. No one else has the show and I’ve seen plenty of reviews on here asking for it to be put on. I’m hoping you do. Thankyou in advance!
  • Good but I have a few problems

    By MagicPath
    The app is mostly good. I like that I can watch things on my phone wherever I am and I also like the fact that I can download certain movies/shows to watch when I have no internet connection. I do have some requests though and one thing that I wish you guys would change about the mobile app. One of my requests is that you bring back Hannah Montana,Wizards of Waverly Place, and Avatar: The last Airbender. I know that your contract expired to be able to use these shows but this was my childhood, even though I’m only 15. It’s silly, I know. It’s just a request so I wouldn’t be super bummed out if you couldn’t get these shows back on Netflix. Okay, now here’s my complaint about the mobile app. Instead of a description under the title that I’m interested in it just shows tags, you know, keywords that a person would search up to get what said person would like to watch. The “tags” don’t really tell me anything about the show/movie at all, or the story line and it really bothers me. Please change this. I also would recommend bringing the star rating back. I just feel so limited with using the thumbs up or thumbs down. Anyway, please respond back to me
  • Netflix

    By An NYC concerned Jane Doe
    You guys have an absolutely amazing app which is my other half. You guys have wonderful movies and tv shows that I know so many people love! I just have small things which don’t reflect on the app. I’ve requested in the past but haven’t rlly gotten an answer which is totally fine because I shouldn’t get everything I want but it would be awesome if I could just get these two small requests pls!!! The first small thing is a question. I was wondering if you could add more shows like the 100, tvd, and oth because I know all of my friends love those tv shows and they’d love more of them ( I would love it if u could add one tree hill back because it was the best show and Netflix ik is worldwide and Ik so many people who love that tv show worldwide and I’d think it’ll bring u more money) Another thing is Bondi rescue, which is such a great show and waited such a long time to see if you guys would add it and you finally did!!! I was wondering if you could add more collections because it’s such a great show and I know there more of it. Overall, you guys have an amazing app that is famous for its wonderful tv shows, which I love!!! Thank you!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Preview loop & music & Info & Passcode

    By dallastigers
    I can’t stand browsing through titles anymore looking for something interesting. If I pause too long I have to deal with the noise and video loop. Music/noise is worse, but give option to stop both. Why must one click done and then ok after entering ratings passcode override? 2 steps? It wasn’t great, but the app with older apple tvs was better at inputting passcode even before the added step. Why with the TVOS app can I not always see all of the description of a specific episode or movie including language spoken when scrolling through episodes. I like scrolling through episodes current way better then old way where i didnt even know what season I looking at unless i scrolled to top. Just allow ability to get all the info. Put back a way to better exclude things on main menu I will never watch. For example I only like stand up comedy in a club with a group of people watching together live I will never watch stand up comedy on Netflix so please quit showing them to me. Others may love them. Make it easier for both of us. I have tried to give thumbs down over and over. You used to be better at putting shows in menu I may want to watch without searching or being hidden by a ton of stuff i will never watch. Non-app issue. Quality Content has been lacking.
  • A good but also bad app

    By Mcpeair strike
    Alright, now don’t get me wrong, Netflix is a good app but it changes to much. They keep making weird, garbage shows and movies, and I’m not saying all are garbage but there are definitely a lot of them. They also keep taking down the best shows and movies and personally, I don’t know why. You get rid of so many shows and it makes me sad. A while back I was able to find hundreds of good kids shows that played an important role in my childhood and even now they still affect me. Shows like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Samurai Jack” were on Netflix for so long but were gone a few months later. I get mad as well when seasons and episodes of shows are missing and these are only some of them: “Total Drama”, “Zig and Sharko”(my little cousins favorite show), “Naruto”, and the list keeps growing. Also, I know that some types of anime have an English version and since I’m lazy and a slow reader, when I find an anime that I do like it probably only has subtitles. The last one you don’t really have to pay much attention to but I would appreciate it if you did but besides all of that the app itself is good.
  • Could be better, but it’s pretty good.

    By ljoso1234
    The only problem I have with Netflix is that all of the original shows and movies are being taken off of it. For instance, Mean Girls, Starstruck, Another Cinderella Story. Yeah, it’s probably to add more new shows/movies for the younger kids and the adults, but what about everyone in between there? I’m just saying, these were a part of my childhood and now they’re being replaced by other shows that just aren’t as iconic. You can’t just speak to the adults and kids, you’ve gotta speak to the teens too. Thad not really happening by taking away our childhood shows and movies. As a teenager I have trouble finding something appropriate for my age. Sure, I could watch a rated R movie or a TV-MA show, but I’d rather watch something for people my own age. I’d rather save watching sexual or violet bloody movies until I’m older. That being said I’d also rather not watch something rated TV-Y or pg. Can’t you have more variety in between? I can tell you a majority of your viewers are most likely teenagers to young adults. The adults have their shows, the kids have their shows, where are the teenager shows and movies? Just a suggestion, but it’s probably be useful for your audience.


  • Options

    By JDP Racing
    I like a lot of stuff you have available. But I want the ability to filter out shows I will never watch and the option to stop having to see your suggestions. Sorry I don’t want them... EVER. Also the option to see shows only listed once. Not the same show in multiple categories. Yeah that goes against your algorithms but I’m very specific about what I watch and it would be easier if I can filter out junk that is unappealing to me than have your algorithms try to do it for me. Because if you push it in my face I’ll never watch it. So please stop trying and I’m happy to do it for myself.
  • Great and Very Hilarious

    By dthrbfnfnn
    You know that I've been watching all kinds of good movies and..after all it was pretty funny. Mostly I love to watch all kinds even though I tried some and I even watched them over and over again. Lots of people say that this kind of app is interesting and fine. I like these kinds of movies because know sometimes I would like to go in the living room at my house and watching these silly cartoons. After all, I didn't know I would be doomed. My entertainment was getting bigger each day. Since I couldn't go to school on the weekends I'd watch movies in Netflix. Still, I never stopped watching since it is fun. It was also mostly good except all the long, boring updates. Huh, though I hope this app would never end! I was in love in it, too. 我的小宝贝们可以吗?一个人要不要那么大一个人呢?
  • For Netflix

    By Star Emoji Person Photo
    Can you please bring back Wizards of Waverly Place and Some Disney movies like Tangled and Frozen and Moana? The classic Little Mermaid would be awesome! Other than that this app is amazing! Thank you!! :)
  • New stuff that most people want

    By 566jj
    Please add the Harry Potter movies and new episodes of beyblade burst evolution and the new show beyblade burst turbo please and thanks

    Ok so when you first get Netflix, you love it. It seems kind the movie selection is great and lots of TV shows but after a few months in all you have are the sane stale movies that you’re paying money for. You’re paying for reruns basically. And when they do add one or two movies, they’re usually movies you’ve seen already. With Netflix’s wealth, they should have a much larger movie selection or at leave a premium package that allows users who pay more to have access to the latest movies and/or be able to select movies they want to see and download it to view for a certain number of days. But no, they’re basically throwing a handful of movies you’ve seen before into a bunch of direct-to-video B movie crap no one wants to see. And, to top it off, the same movies are listed in almost every category, lol. The joke is on us I guess. But not for much longer. We, the viewers, have power. Stop paying for Netflix and they’ll be forced to change their ways or continue to lose money. But I think people these days are even too lazy to take any kind of stand. But I think I’ll be taking my business to Amazon Prime.
  • Version 11.21.0

    By W13th
    Much easier navigation. The drop drown at the top is especially helpful. Almost gave up on Netflix bc I couldn't find anything or the stuff I wanted to see was hiding in a corner somewhere in the back of the app. Thx for the improvements.
  • Good but there’s one show I need you to add

    By Jen Guevara
    Please you’ve added BEYBLADE burst and BEYBLADE burst evolution but please add BEYBLADE burst turbo
  • Some fixes need to be done but great! :)

    By m.ruiz9
    The movies and series need to be a little more updated ( up to date ) it’s a bit too old or outdated. :/ But if these two issues are fixed it will deserve a 5 star rating! Please add more episodes of Fauda! Thanks! :D
  • Bring the punisher back!!

    By dlara101
    Why did they start a show to just get ppl hooked and then cancel it🤦‍♂️
  • I love it but no

    By cshirls🤓😎