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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix. We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break. What you’ll love about Netflix: • We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device. • The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love. • Create up to five profiles for an account. Profiles give different members of your household their own personalized Netflix. • Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment. • Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases. • Save your data. Download titles to your mobile device and watch offline, wherever you are. Privacy policy: Terms of use:



  • Good, but could be a bit better

    By Jackie👄
    i’m not going to lie, netflix is good and it keeps me entertained but it could be better. The reason i say this is because there’s a show i’ve wanted to watch ever since it was released on netflix and i’ve asked my friends if they’ve seen the show and they said they have but when i went to search for it, it didn’t appear and i’ve tried to find it for so long but it just won’t appear. It pops up on other peoples netflix accounts but it won’t show in mine. Also, the new ted bundy movie with zac efron won’t pop up in my cousins account but it will pop up in mine. This is what i don’t like about netflix and why i’m only giving it 3 stars. Certain shows and movies will pop up in my account but won’t for my friends and certain shows and movies will pop up in their accounts but not in mine. This is a problem and netflix needs to fix it. Another thing, i recently updated netflix and the show i wanted to watch popped up and i was happy because i thought the problem was fixed but when i exited out of netflix and went on it a few hours later, the show had disappeared again and it said the show was not available in certain regions. I don’t understand and it’s really frustrating.

    By hate this omg
    Don’t get me wrong, netflix has lots of great movies and shows that everyone loves. BUTTT, you guys took out the most important ones, disney movies and shows!! That was honestly the best part of netflix growing up. Not only do us teenagers and some adults want to watch iconic old disney movies and shows, but also for kids now who couldn’t experience the amazing movies/shows we got to experience. Examples include, drake and josh, i carly, zoey 101, star struck, girl vs monster, wizards of waverly place, hannah montana, and the list goes on. We also of course can’t forget the iconic movies like the little mermaid, peter pan, tinker bell (first movie), beauty and the beast, etc. I’m not sure how netflix works, so I don’t know if theres a limit of how many shows or movies that could be on there at a time. If that’s the case, there’s plenty of shows or movies that don’t get watched or payed attention to that can be replaced by such disney content. Even newer movies like teen beach movie, desendents, would still be appreciated by older viewers and younger viewers. All in all, netflix is great but adding disney movies and shows to it would make it even greater. If you want to continue making big money I suggest adding such movies and shows to increase your audience and their satisfaction. thank you have a great day.
  • Preview loop & music & Info & Passcode

    By dallastigers
    I can’t stand browsing through titles anymore looking for something interesting. If I pause too long I have to deal with the noise and video loop. Music/noise is worse, but give option to stop both. Why must one click done and then ok after entering ratings passcode override? 2 steps? It wasn’t great, but the app with older apple tvs was better at inputting passcode even before the added step. Why with the TVOS app can I not always see all of the description of a specific episode or movie including language spoken when scrolling through episodes. I like scrolling through episodes current way better then old way where i didnt even know what season I looking at unless i scrolled to top. Just allow ability to get all the info. Put back a way to better exclude things on main menu I will never watch. For example I only like stand up comedy in a club with a group of people watching together live I will never watch stand up comedy on Netflix so please quit showing them to me. Others may love them. Make it easier for both of us. I have tried to give thumbs down over and over. You used to be better at putting shows in menu I may want to watch without searching or being hidden by a ton of stuff i will never watch. Non-app issue. Quality Content has been lacking.
  • Could be better, but it’s pretty good.

    By ljoso1234
    The only problem I have with Netflix is that all of the original shows and movies are being taken off of it. For instance, Mean Girls, Starstruck, Another Cinderella Story. Yeah, it’s probably to add more new shows/movies for the younger kids and the adults, but what about everyone in between there? I’m just saying, these were a part of my childhood and now they’re being replaced by other shows that just aren’t as iconic. You can’t just speak to the adults and kids, you’ve gotta speak to the teens too. Thad not really happening by taking away our childhood shows and movies. As a teenager I have trouble finding something appropriate for my age. Sure, I could watch a rated R movie or a TV-MA show, but I’d rather watch something for people my own age. I’d rather save watching sexual or violet bloody movies until I’m older. That being said I’d also rather not watch something rated TV-Y or pg. Can’t you have more variety in between? I can tell you a majority of your viewers are most likely teenagers to young adults. The adults have their shows, the kids have their shows, where are the teenager shows and movies? Just a suggestion, but it’s probably be useful for your audience.
  • About Netflix

    By carly161787
    I love Netflix!!! But there are some minor things I do not agree with or like very much! Netflix has amazing movies shows and many more but are only limited to few movies and tv shows...but it’s an on the go thing I love how I could watch movies and tv shows where ever!! When I go to the doctors and have to wait a while or if I’m in an airport!!! All tho I was watching all of the saws with my closest friend we had only gotten to saw3 and then the next time we went to go watch it all of the saws were gone! And we were so disappointed...I really am hoping they put it back in there because I don’t want to have to go to the store or online just to buy the rest of the movies I may or may not watch once or twice! I love that you can download so you can keep them even if they go away...I just wish they would tell you when they are going away! Because I really did want to finish saw and there’s no way I’m wasting my money just to watch them once and be done with it! But other than those minor things it’s great price for the stuff you love and you could share with friends!NO MORE RED BOX!!!😱
  • It’s okay 😑😑

    By bxjdbfirbduebfnfjrnd
    Netflix has worked for me for quite a while. However sometimes, if wearing headphones or earbuds the volume will go all crazy. It will get REALLY loud without me even touching the volume button. That doesn’t happen on any other of my apps, so I know it was not a problem with my headphones. There are a wide selection of shows and movies. But if you are not at least 14, a lot of the shows are for small children. If there were more shows and movies for children under 13-14 that were not baby shows that would GREAT. 👍🏻👍🏻 Also they have taken off a lot of shows that I enjoyed. Now I don’t use Netflix as much because of that. There aren’t many shows on there that I really enjoy.😔😔 Like I said most of the shows on my Netflix account is for smaller children so I don’t have much selection available. One time I went on Netflix looking for a show I liked to pass some time. But when I got on.... THE SHOW WAS NOT THERE!!!!!😖😖 I even searched for it on the search section, but when I did NOTHING came up. After that I haven’t used Netflix very much.😕😕 If you could please bring back the shows you took out that would be AMAZING. Thank you. 🙂🙂 -Your reviewer
  • Netflix is The Best, Although there is one Major Issue

    By Zee Rshd
    I really hope this gets read by someone who can do something about it. I love the Netflix, but It’s really disappointing how most of the shows and movies I want to watch aren’t available in my region. Sometimes the show or the series might be there, but the latest season might not. I’m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries The Originals and I’ve been waiting for you guys to update the originals for MONTHS now. I’ve googled a bit and found out it is available in some of the other regions. This is the ONLY frustrating thing about Netflix for me, and it really disheartens me. I’d really love it and be extremely thankful if all the latest updates could be provided to all the regions because it really is a huge disappointment. Probably the only reason people decide to unsubscribe from Netflix, some of the people I know did. It’s truly unsatisfying when we don’t get to watch everything we paid for. Although overall I’d say, it’s a great app. If you could just fix this one issue (one really frustrating issue by the way), it’d be perfect! ❤️
  • Continue Watching Feature Is Broken

    By Hooper90
    Netflix's decision to adopt support for 3d touch on iOS was a good move. Since then, I have gladly used the "continue watching" option that appears when force touching the Netflix icon. However, lately this option, rather than continuing the show at the top of my "continue watching" list, starts playing a show that I have never watched, and which doesn't appear in my continue watching list. To illustrate, if I open the Netflix app, the first show under continue watching is Travelers. However, if I use the 3d touch menu's "continue watching" option instead of opening the app, Sons of Anarchy begins, annoyingly, to play. Neither my profile nor any other profile on my account has watched this show, so I am confused as to why it plays in this situation. I am leaving a 1 star review because such a simple, basic feature should be completely free of glitches. It's simple. If I use 3d touch to continue playing a title, the title at the top of my continue watching list should play, not a title I have never watched. If a professor asks for an essay about free speech rights and I handed in an essay on how great cockatoos are, I would receive a failing grade for my impertinence. That's analogous to what is going on in this case, and my rating thus reflects that.
  • No description

    By Guiness51
    I don’t know who comes up with these updates for the app but they’re terrible. First it was the taking away of the star rating. Which means I can’t get an idea on whether the show/movie might be good before wasting my time watching. Now the latest nonsense of taking away the brief description of what the show is about. Instead it’s just a list of genres the show/movie falls under. I, like many other people, enjoy many different genres of shows and movies. For example I’m not going to watch a movie simply because it’s an action movie. It’s the same even for documentaries which makes even less sense. Say a documentary is on Egypt. How can I tell it’s going to be something that I’d be interested in just the few genre and descriptor words? It could be about things I already know about Egypt or it could be talking about new discoveries and facts I’ve never heard of. Whomever is making the decision to allow these ridiculous updates is awful I’m not saying fire this person but them and everyone else involved in these updates should be allocated to a new task within Netflix. My account alone isn’t keeping Netflix afloat so this isn’t any threat but I’m so close to canceling my account. It’s getting less and less worth the money I’m charged for it.
  • It good but could get better in future

    By Cool1!3000
    I have used netflix for over four years now back when the had all the seasons of Futurama, American Dad, Family Gay and Archer I do personally think that removing these shows was not a great idea but the netflix company has brought some shows that bring back this feeling. But I am not here to talk about shows that should be brought back. As I was searching for something to watch I saw multiple shows and movies but as I pressed them they did not show the play icon the multiple show I first clicked on was archer I was shocked to see it on here and recently been wanting to watch it so I clicked on the icon but no play icon was to be seen I did press other shows to see if it would work like Rupaul’s drag race and the last air bender and those did not work either. So I thought I should see if it worked on my phone but as I looked on my phone I did not even see these shows on their it would be nice if you all could fix this and the was another The last Airbender that the date said it was set to come out 2020 I don’t know if this was on purpose or not but please fix this as soon as possible


  • Please read

    By Paul.A.P
    I try to watch a movie or a show but it won’t let it loads and stuff I checked my WiFi it’s good but it won’t let me watch any shows or any other stuff.
  • Good but bad

    By Layun19⚽⚽
    Don’t get me wrong Netflix is a good app it’s just that I hate it that there taking away shows like the offices SWITCHED AT BIRTH LIKE BTW I WAS STILL WATCHING THAT WHEN THEY TOOK IT AWAY so Netflix you better stop taking away shows that I like and keep them on now so one don’t delete any more shows like Moana I can’t even find that anymore on Netflix can you GUYS JUST PLEASE STOP TAKING SHOWS AWAY and just keep them like it’s not that hard please and thank you
  • Billing

    By ruskslo
    I was having a lot of billing issues. The iTunes rep told me not to watch on the app or I would get billed twice and that’s exactly what happened but there is no other way to watch Netflix on my phone other than using the app?
  • Videos

    By kittyanime
    Bring Annie and Pokémon back they are the best videos ever
  • Bring back

    By Cooljonny64
    Bring back family guy!!!
  • LEILA 💯

    By Qwertwyuauahshs
    This will be the future of India if the current situation continues.People are getting hurt by watching Leila , it’s just because you are the people who the series warn us about.More series like this must come and must reform young minds.
  • No more background audio!

    By Darthmichael2
    99% of me using this app is in the background while I’m doing other stuff now that they’ve taken it away, I’m probably not gonna need Netflix anymore! Please fix this!
  • Netflix

    By Logan Bourg
    You guys take down too many shows it’s annoying. Bring them back it’s not that hard
  • Ruined one of my favorite shows

    By nathanbgerman
    As other reviews have already said as well, I am frustrated that you took what used to be a great show (referring to Designated Survivor) and felt like you had to add in the F word every few seconds along with other language and the increase in sexual content. I am disappointed to say that I will not be watching season 3 and I fear it’s getting harder and harder to find good family-friendly shows to watch anymore.
  • Devastatingly awful UX

    By _ŒÂ◊
    tl;dr: Autopreview Autopreview alone makes Netflix my last stop when looking for media. AppleTV browsing is slow, clunky, and useless. Interface freezes with every swipe, I assume this is due to the previews loading. 20 seconds from launch to "Who's watching."