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  • My advice is to avoid Pandora completely

    By Mainframer1980
    Unless you are sure before you even download the app that you want to sign up for one of the two paid subscriptions, I would suggest skipping Pandora and trying out some of the other music apps available. Neither the Pandora app nor the web interface seems to work properly for my “free” account. I can’t even delete the account because that function doesn’t work properly either. I wanted to delete the account to make sure that I wasn’t accidentally charged for unwanted services a month from now.
  • What a big load of crap!

    By lots of nothing
    Although I really like the music and other channels, don’t believe that whole commercial free BS. And because now I am paying for it, and I want to talk to somebody.....they want to charge me ANOTHER 5 BUCKS!!!!! And then you have to jump through hoops and cc info! And then I get disconnected 4 TIMES!!!!! Pandora- if you truly read this either disconnect me, or include a DIRECT LINE so I can actually TALK to someone. This honestly feels like fraud.....
  • Big X Big O

    By Chandler L
    I’m a CMO, and Pandora’s Hipster BBQ Radio keeps my creative vibes flowing all day! XO
  • I have a huge crush on Jackson Dollinger

    By lady glitter sparkles😂
    I would’ve given pandora 5 stars but instead I gave it 4 because there is a song that I love that I can’t find on here. I’ve typed in everything I could do but pandora just doesn’t have the song. I don’t know if you could upload it or something but it’s not on there, sorry. I’m looking for a song called “ I’m yours” by Jackson Dollinger❤️
  • buffering

    By mh22098
    ever since the last update the app will only say it is buffering.
  • App Freezes up and is Unusable

    By BBC1980
    I have had Pandora for three plus years. Every once in a while it will just be frozen. So I switch over to another music and app and it’s working. Go back to Pandora and it’s still stuck. The commercials are annoying, but I’m not a hard core listener that needs to pay for music. My FM radio works just as good. Yesterday I started listening to the Pandora 90’s music Station and I hadn’t heard a single 90’s song until today. So far it has been Eminem(2010), LED Zeppelin(1970), My Chemical Romance(2014) and now Luke Combs(2015). That is their actual station, not a user created station. It should be titled “Every Genre but the 90’s.”
  • Extraordinary

    By 1234424242
    I have used Pandora for so long at this point I don’t even remember when I started. It has evolved with me and knows me better than any other music device or system. I’m so grateful that I signed up for Pandora all those years ago and I have enjoyed all the wonderful tunes that stream through my ears. Thank you for providing a wonderful service, I am grateful for Pandora!
  • Pandora

    By E_cadrette
    Love pandora, keep the music rolling anytime anywhere. I wish I could have unlimited all the time
  • A fine app

    By 🤪JG
    Pandora is above average.
  • Almost perfect for radio substitute!

    By tristaqd
    The only problem is advertisements.